Schedule Frequency

Select how often to run an AD profile from the service

The schedule screen of an Active Directory Profile determines how often a profile will run.

Schedule Frequency

Run profile every : This sets the interval for how often the profile will run. It is recommended that this setting is set to a value that gives the Active Directory service enough time to complete an entire profile scan before the next interval time. In order to determine the time that it takes the service to complete an entire cycle you will need to check the event log.

Frequency – beginning at/from:

This sets the initial run time for the profile (after which it will run at the increments selected above)

Resetting the schedule time

The next run time for the schedule can be reset back to the initial time and date the schedule was set up to run at. This can be useful if you have made changes and want the schedule to run as soon as possible (rather than waiting the minutes/hours/days specified in the profile).

Filter Date

By default, each profile will only scan the Active Directory database for objects that have been updated, or modified since it last ran. This ensures that each profile runs quickly and efficiently by not unnecessarily querying large amounts of Active Directory data. This filter date is automatically updated each time the profile executes. Clicking the reset button will force the profile to have a fresh look at all objects within the Active Directory paths that are specified for that profile.

This option is useful when HelpMaster clients that have been disabled from Active Directory synchronization have been re-enabled.