Post processing options

Choose what to do once an email has been processed

Once the Email Manager has processed an email, there will either be a successful, or unsuccessful result.

Successfully processed email

Once an email has been successfully processed by the Email Manager, the following actions are available:

For the email that was just processed:

For the job that was just updated:

Use the “Email Actions” tab to define what action should occur with the original email. Remember that these post-processing rules are set for every Email Profile. This allows you to handle each type of email within each profile differently.

When the “Attach a copy of the Email…” option is used, the network folder as specified in the HelpMaster working folders will be used to store the email file. When an email is attached to a job, the Email Manager will convert it to a .msg file and store it in this location. Be mindful that if you use this option and process a lot of email, your “Email” working folder directory will fill up quickly with lots of .msg files. Ensure that you have sufficient drive space for this. Remember also that you can always view the original email by looking in the email system you’re using and browsing the post-processing folders.

Use the Flag job feature to mark a job when a client updates it to a flag of your choice. Use the Field Chooser to display the flag column for Jobs. This will make it easy to see when a job has been updated.

Note : If the original email is not moved or deleted (ie. it is left where it is), the Email Manager will process it again and again until it is moved or deleted.

Unsuccessfully processed email

When the Email Manager encounters a problem during the processing of an email, it will attempt to move it to another email folder for review later. Use this screen to configure these folders.

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