Consultancy Services

HelpMaster is backed by a range of consultancy services

Implementing a high-performance HelpMaster helpdesk system requires careful planning and co-ordination with existing hardware and software systems. Additionally, the business work-practices as well as the staff and clients of the helpdesk must be considered in order to provide a balanced and optimal system. The selection of appropriate helpdesk software is only just the beginning to a successful solution. Getting it to work the way you want is the next vital step.

With this in mind, PRD Software Professional Services offer years of industry best-practice knowledge that has been gained by helping and supporting hundreds of helpdesk systems throughout the world.

In particular, we can provide the following services to assist you in your helpdesk and business success.

Helpdesk training

In order to get the maximum productivity out of HelpMaster, each user of the software should know at least the basics of the helpdesk system. PRD Software offer a comprehensive training course that covers all features of the system.  Specialized training courses have been developed for both administrators and users of HelpMaster.  PRD Software has certified trainers and courseware is available for internal use.

Implementation planning and installation

The HelpMaster suite comprises many different modules and can be deployed in a number of ways across a wide array of hardware and software configurations.

PRD Software can assist with the initial data setup, system codes, email configuration, internet / intranet configuration and integration with other systems. To ensure that your helpdesk implementation and installation is successful, PRD Software can assist you to achieve a positive result in minimum time.  Our qualified installation and training technicians have experience with small installations, right through to enterprise level configurations.

Data services

Whether you are importing or moving data from legacy systems, connecting to other data sources within your enterprise, or just wish to tune a SQL Server database for better performance, our team of database and networking specialists can assist you with your data requirements.

Customization, reports and more

Due to the fact that each helpdesk environment has unique requirements, it may be necessary at times to customize the way the helpdesk software interacts with other systems or processes.  Moreover, different management may require different and specialized reports.  Whatever your needs, our desire is to help you get the most out of using HelpMaster for your business.

PRD Software offer highly customizable consulting and training packages that can be tailored to your needs.  For further information about the range of service] available, please contact PRD Software