Testing Workflow

All workflow processes should be thoroughly tested before being used in a production environment

Once a workflow template / process has been designed and built in HelpMaster, it is good practice to test it.

There are several approaches to testing workflow that you can take.

  • Test all workflow against a copy of your live database
  • Log test jobs and apply workflow against them. Purge the jobs after you have completed your testing

Workflow ideas

Consider using a test database to create and test workflow. This could be a backup/copy/clone of your live database. Once workflow has been verified as working well, you can implement it into the live database.

When using a copy of a live database, consider updating the email addresses of clients and staff so that any email workflow objects are sent to addresses such as “testing@your_org.com” etc. This will avoid any confusion and prevent people from receiving test email, or test approval requests etc.

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