Changing the status of a job

Changing the status of a job

Each job has a job status. When a job is initially logged, it is set to Open by default. While the job is not closed the status can be changed by any staff member with the appropriate Job Security Role. The status of a job should be changed to reflect what is actually happening to the job in real life. In this way other staff members can quickly and easily see what is happening and why.

The “Change Job Status” screen also provides a text box for entering any relevant Progress Notes that may be associated with the change.


From the JobExplorer or the Job Finder,

  1. Open the job.
  2. Click on the Change Job Status button.
  3. Select the job status required from the drop down box.
  4. Enter any details into the Details section.
  5. Click on Apply.

The fastest and easiest way to perform any actions on a job is to do it from the Explorer or make use of the Job Finder

Note: Whenever the status of a job is changed, an action log entry is automatically generated.

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