Workflow End

Workflow End

A workflow end object is used to explicitly terminate a workflow in an OnCreate workflow.

workflow end


In general, workflow objects connect to other workflow objects, and the workflow will continue to be active if there is another workflow object to run into. Sometimes however, a workflow process may come to a natural termination point such as a message box, or an email being sent, or a milestone where there is no further workflow objects. The workflow will terminate here, because these objects do not require another workflow object to follow them.

When this happens, the workflow panel will display a “Workflow Completed” message.

workflow end example

In OnCreate workflow workflow however, sometimes you may find that you need to explicitly end a workflow with the dedicated “Workflow End” object because you cannot use user-interface objects like a Message Box, or something else. This may be particularly relevant after a branching decision/script where you just need to terminate the workflow.

In these cases, you could use a Milestone to naturally terminate the workflow, or you could use the Workflow End object.

workflow end example

Once a Workflow End object is reached, the OnCreate workflow process will terminate.

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