Script - SQL

Execute SQL script via this object

The SQL Script workflow object is used to execute SQL against the HelpMaster (or another) database.

workflow script

Workflow script

Silent workflow object This workflow object runs silently, meaning it has no user interaction. Silent workflow object are displayed with this icon.


By default, any SQL script is executed against the HelpMaster database. To reference other databases, use the Use statement in your SQL, or construct your own database connection string within your SQL.

SQL Syntax should be Microsoft SQL Server only.

SQL Script Edit

Use the Add Tag button to insert tags into your SQL script. These tags represent HelpMaster entity IDs that are within the context of the running workflow. If you require other information that is not accessible via the tags, consider expanding your SQL to look up this information based on the tags that you do have. Remember that you can also call stored procedures using this workflow object.

The following tags can be used in a SQL, or PowerShell script

  • <<JobNumber>> : The job number that the workflow is running in
  • <<ClientPKID>> : The primary client ID of the job that the workflow is running in
  • <<SitePKID>> : The Site ID of the job that the workflow is running in
  • <<AssetPKID>> : The primary asset ID of the job that the workflow is running in
  • <<LoggedOnUserPKID>> : The User ID of the staff member that is currently logged in

Variables can also be used in the script. To insert a pre-defined variable, start typing double angular brackets "<<", and all of the available variables will be displayed in a pick-list. Choose the variable you want to inert as a place-holder. It's value will be substituted for the place-holder when the script is run.

Limiting access to scripting features

All SQL/Scripting features within HelpMaster are governed by a security setting. Only staff members that belong to an Application Security Role that has this setting enabled will be able to use, modify and run scripts. See also Security Setting to enable/disable SQL.

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