Evaluation Guide - Basic concepts

Evaluation Guide - Basic concepts

The following articles will each handle an aspect of HelpMaster and show you how they can be used effectively to benefit your business. They are designed to be a quick highlight of the main areas, so for a more in depth discussion of any one of the mentioned topics, please follow the links to the appropriate help page.


Job Logging - How to log a job, plus ways to improve job processing times.

Job, Action & Email templates - Using templates to streamline your incident life cycles and improve procedures.

Clients & Sites - Explains what Clients and Sites are, plus how they can be linked to other entities.

The Job Monitor - What is the Job Monitor, and how it can be used by your staff to keep track of their workload.

The Priority Manager - What is the Priority Manager, and how it can be used to maintain business rules and SLA

The Email Manager - What is the Email Manager, and how it can be used to automate email responses.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)- How HelpMaster can help you maintain and enforce SLA.

Knowledge Management - How HelpMaster stores Knowledge Base Articles for use by you staff and clients.

Printing & Reporting - Shows how to use the built in reports shipped with HelpMaster, plus how to utilize custom reports.

Advanced Workflow - Discusses ways to optimize and improve workflow using ITIL based best-practices.

Asset Management - How HelpMaster can manage your assets, from tracking to servicing abilities.