Quick Re-assign

Quick Re-assign

A Quick Reassign is a one-click job re-assignment from an unassigned job queue, to the corresponding skillgroup job-queue of the user. This re-assignment takes place with no user interface. The “Quick Reassign” option becomes available when a job is assigned to the “unassigned” job queue of a skillgroup.


The quick re-assign is only available when a job is currently assigned to the unassigned job queue of a skillgroup.

Quick Assignment from an Unassigned Job Queue

If a job is assigned to an unassigned skillgroup queue, it can be quickly re-assigned to the current active user by right-clicking the job and selecting the “Quick Reassign” option. This will re-assign the job without any user interface and will add the newly reassigned job to the job history menu.

quick reassign job from unassigned job queue

This operation can be performed on one or more jobs at the same time.

quick reassign incident from unassigned job queue


  • When a job is re-assigned in this manner, there is no email, job status or other options that are normally available via the regular re-assign method
  • An Action Log entry will still be added to to the action log as usual

quick reassign action log

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Concepts : Job ownership and assignment