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Global Options

The settings on this tab will apply to all Email Manager profile activity.

Updating closed jobs

By default, when the Email Manager processes an email for an existing job, it will update that job with whatever Action Template has been selected in the Email Manager profile.  If the job happens to be closed, this action will effectively re-open the job, because the Action Template will likely have a job status set to a non-closed Job Status.

Sometimes, clients will respond to a close job via email to simply say “Thanks”, and the business may not wish to have the job automatically re-opened.

Use this section to configure how HelpMaster handles closed jobs.

Consider utilizing the feedback system to allow clients to provide feedback on closed, or active jobs

Job Update Security

By default, the Email Manager will only update an existing jo if the incoming email is from a client that is already linked to that job. If the email comes from someone that is not linked to the job, it will be moved to the Failed folder.

Use the checkbox to set the preferred processing behaviour.

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