Change Request Templates

Change Request Templates

A change request template is a pre-made change request “blueprint” that includes pre-defined information such as scope, summary, linked entities, approval board, other other change-related information. Change request templates are used to speed up the process of creating a change request, and provide consistency of data. A change request template is similar in concept to Job Template.

Change Request templates can also be using in workflow to initiate a change at a certain point in the life-cycle of a job.


When creating a change template, give it a unique title that describes its purpose and makes identification and searching easy. Select an appropriate category via the drop-down box. The values listed in the category box are configured via the System Code Administrationscreen.

Details tab

The detail tab is used to define the basic details of the change. Fill in as many (or few) fields that are required for the template.

Approval tab

Use the Approval Board tab to configure the approval process that the change requires.

Defining the layout of the Change Request

Each change request template can have a different set of fields that are used to capture information about the change. Depending on the type of change, use the “Definition” tab of the change request template to select the appropriate fields for the change. Choose from the following list of change-related fields.

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk
  • Implementation
  • Reason for change
  • Effect of Non-implementation
  • Rollback procedure
  • Test plan
  • Impact (Systems / Services affected)
  • Business justification
  • Cost
  • Notes

Implementation tab

Use the implementation tab to link Job Templates to the change request. Job templates that are linked here can then be converted into real jobs when the change is approved and reached the “Implementation Phase”. See Change Management Lifecycle

Review tab

Use the review tab to link Job Templates to the change request. Job templates that are linked here can then be converted into real jobs when the change has been implemented and has reached the “Review Phase”. See Change Management Lifecycle

Emails tab

Use the email tab to configure which change email templates should be automatically emailed when the change enters a new phase. Change Email Templates are identical in concept to regular Email Templates, only they are exclusively marked for use with Change Requests only.

Use the links tab to link other entities to the change template. When the template is used, these links will also be linked to the actual change request.

Best practice

Build Change Management Templates for each recurring type of change that is common in your business. Build templates for:

  • Standard change
  • Complex change
  • Workflow-based changes

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