Manually performing an Active Directory synchronization

Manually performing an Active Directory synchronization

It is possible to perform a manual Active Directory synchronization that does not involve the setup, configuration and running of the Active Directory service. This feature is useful if you wish to have manual control over the Active Directory synchronization and do not wish to run the Active Directory service and schedule regular updates. If at any time you wish to implement a regular, scheduled Active Directory update, you can install and configure the Active Directory service to achieve this.

Active Directory Synchronization

To perform a manual, once only Active Directory synchronization, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Active Directory Profile administration screen
  2. Click on the “Global options” tab
  3. Click on the button entitled “Run all profiles now”. Select an appropriate value from the drop-down box next to it to select the time-range that should be considered when searching for AD users. To perform a full synchonization, or for troubleshooting issues, it is recommended to use the last option “Any time

This will cause all of the enabled Active Directory profiles to be executed and perform a full Active Directory synchronization based on the date-range selected in the drop-down box.

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