Workflow Templates


A workflow template is a pre-made definition of a process that exists within your organization.  It is a blue-print of a process, or a workflow that happens within a business to achieve a result.  Once a workflow template has been created, it can be applied to new, or existing jobs to provide a structured, procedural workflow.  Job templates can also inherit a Workflow Template so that whenever that Job Template is used to log a new job, the workflow is applied to the new job.

A workflow template may consist of all of the workflow elements as described in the Workflow Overview

Access Workflow Templates via the main toolbar.  Select Templates menu > Workflow templates

Workflow template

What is the difference between workflow that is displayed in…

  • a Job
  • a Job Template
  • a Workflow Template?

They are basically all the same thing - definitions of a workflow process.  The difference is that the definition in a job is currently active whereas the others are blue-prints, or templates.

Think of a Workflow template as the top-level definition of a workflow process - it is the master blue-print that can then be re-used in both jobs and job templates.

If you open a Job Template, you will see a “Workflow” tab, similar to a regular job.  This is where any workflow that has been created for the Job Template is displayed.  This workflow may have been designed and created right there in the Job Template, or it may have been imported from a Workflow Template.

When workflow is imported from a Workflow template into either a job, or a job template, that workflow definition is copied into the new object and ready for use.  In the case of a Job Template, a link is established between the Job Template and the Workflow template, so that if the Workflow Template changes, the Job Template is automatically updated. If however the definition in the Job Template is manually updated, this link is broken, and the workflow in the Job Template will then become a stand-alone verison of workflow. 


Once a workflow templates has been created, it can be imported into either a job, or a job template.

Add workflow to existing ticket

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