Explorer overview

An overview of the HelpMaster job Explorer

The Explorer is the heart of HelpMaster. It is the main screen where you are able to browse all of the jobs that are assigned to you, your skillgroup, or the other people within your organisation. From this screen you can view a job, action/update a job, execute workflow, run queries, or view any reminders that you may have.

The Explorer screen can be opened with the Explorer icon on the Jobs toolbar. A shortcut key of F4 can also be used.

The Explorer Screen

The Explorer screen is divided into several key areas.

helpdesk explorer

Section 1 - My View - the default view of Explorer

At the left of Explorer are 4 “panels”. Clicking on each panel reveals a different view.

  • My View - Choose to display a list of your Open Jobs, Closed Jobs, Unassigned skill group jobs, Change Management requests, Approvals (v24+), Reminders, Custom Queues, or Saved Searches.

Section 2 - The Display list

The display list is a list of all of the jobs / reminders / actions that correspond to the panel you are currently viewing. The columns for this list are determined by the settings you choose using the Field Chooser.

Section 3 - The display details

  • The Preview Panel - Select a job, change request, approval request, or reminder in the display panel to have the details displayed in the Preview panel. This panel can be toggled on and off by clicking the Preview button in the toolbar.

Section 4 - Other panels

  • Other People - Choose to display a list of other people’s open jobs, closed jobs, reminders, saved searches or welcome screen details.
  • Skill Groups - Display a list of people belonging to a particular skill group.
  • Options - Set the explorer search conditions, refresh setting, and allocate symbols to your priority codes.

The Explorer toolbar

  • Preview - Opens and closes the Preview panel. The default is open.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the list currently displayed in the Display panel.
  • Print - Send the displayed details to the printer. Choose from Full details, line details with or without job description or overview.
  • Acknowledge - Opens the Action: Acknowledge job screen.
  • Add Action - Opens the Action: Add new action screen.
  • Re-assign - Opens the Action: Re-assign job screen.
  • Job Status - Opens the Action: Change job status screen.
  • Add Progress Notes - Opens the Action: Add progress notes screen.
  • Add Action and Close Job - Opens the Action: Change job status screen ready for you to close the job.
  • Re-open Job - Opens the Action: Change job status screen ready for you to re-open the job.
  • Reminder - Opens the Set reminder screen.
  • Workflow - Click this to run the current Workflow on the selected job.

Other buttons

  • Full Screen - Opens the Preview panel to full screen size.
  • Expand All - Completely opens the hierarchy tree of the object displayed in the Explorer panel.
  • Close All - Closes the hierarchy tree of the object displayed in the Explorer panel.
  • View - Display the details of the item selected in the Display panel.
  • Close - Close the Explorer screen.

Use the customize option on the Welcome Screen to set the Explorer to be your HelpMaster opening screen.

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