Queue check

Queue check

The Queue Check screen displays a summary of all staff, their workload and their current availability status. It can be viewed on its own, or used in conjunction with the Action screen when re-assigning jobs. Use the Skillgroup drop-down box, or the checkboxes to filter the results.

The Queue Check screen automatically refreshes periodically. Any changes since the update are highlighted.

The Queue Check screen will display a list of the following:

  • All the registered staff members.
  • What skill group they belong to.
  • How many jobs are currently assigned to them.
  • Whether their Job Security Role allows jobs assignment
  • Their availability status.
  • Whether they are currently logged in.
  • Where they are.
  • Date out.
  • Date in.

When a list of names has been displayed, you can sort the list by any of the above categories by clicking on the header row, once for ascending, again for descending.

Note: When a name has been selected from the Q-Check screen, it is passed back to the previous screen where you started from and is automatically selected in the “Assign To” drop down box.

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