Control Sets List For Entity

Used to return a list of control sets that are linked to an entity


POST - /ControlSets/GetControlSetsListForEntity


Use this endpoint to lookup a HelpMaster entity (Clients, Sites, Assets etc.), and return a simple list of Control Sets that are linked to that entity.

Input Parameters

The PKID of an existing entity. The PKID is found on the “Properties” tab of each entity within the Desktop Edition of HelpMaster. See picture below for an example of the PKID for a Job Template.

Job Template PKIKD


The entity type that you wish to look up. Supported values include:

  • Client
  • Site
  • Asset
  • Job
  • JobTemplate
  • ChangeRequest


Query all of the Control Sets linked to Job Template #17


  "entityLink": 17,
  "entityType": "JobTemplate"


    "pkid": 33,
    "controlSetName": "Employee Details"
    "pkid": 4,
    "controlSetName": "Workstation build"
    "pkid": 35,
    "controlSetName": "Manager"

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