Reminder list

Reminder list

All active reminders can be viewed from the explorer screen, under the Reminders section. 

The reminder list is a collection of all your reminders still active. The reminder list will pop up on your screen whenever a reminder is activated.  You can close the reminder list off though only for about a minute. 


To dismiss a reminder is to close it.  Once a reminder is dismissed it will not return unless it is a re-occurring reminder, and then only on the next event of the re-occurrence parameter.

Dismiss All

Dismissing all reminders works the same as dismissing a reminder though to all reminders on the list at the time.


You can set the reminder or all reminders on the list to Snooze, remind you again in x minutes or hours.  Each reminder in the list needs to be set to snooze individually.

View Reminder Details

Click on the reminder to view the reminder in detail.

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