Feedback overview

Feedback overview

Deliver great customer service by using feedback from your clients and customers to improve.

The feedback system within HelpMaster allows clients and staff to provide feedback about knowledge base articles, as well as jobs and actions. Gathering feedback is achieved by emailing the client, or staff member a link to a short, simple survey. When the person clicks on the link they are taken to the HelpMaster Web Portal which displays the feedback form in the clients’ web browser. After filling in the feedback form, they can click submit and the details of the feedback are recorded against the relevant HelpMaster entity (either a knowledge base article, or job/action).

web feedback survey satisfaction form

Please note. In order for the feedback system to function, the HelpMaster web portal needs to be installed, configured and running.

This survey, or feedback form can be customized to capture different fields and content that may be relevant to your service delivery. Remember that the both the knowledge base system, and the job system of HelpMaster use the same basic feedback system.

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