Advanced search screen

The Advanced search screen gives additional options for finding information

In addition to the Job Finder, and the entity search screens, HelpMaster also provides an Advanced Search screen which can simultaneously perform a powerful search across the different HelpMaster entities.  This means that you can search across the Clients, Sites, Helpdesk Jobs, Actions that are linked to helpdesk jobs and Knowledge base articles.

The Advanced search screen provides 2 ways of searching for information.

  1. A keyword search
  2. A Full text search (only available when the Full Text Searching engine is installed with SQL Server.)

Note : It is possible to perform a simultaneous search on both keywords AND full text.  If both types of search criteria are specified, the results will contain only those entities that satisfy both types of searches.

Keyword Searching

A keyword search is only useful when a keyword has been “attached” to an entity.  This is done via the “Attachments” button that appears at the bottom of all entity detail screens.  Once a keyword has been attached, the Keyword search will list all entities that contain this keyword.

Full Text Searching

Full text searching provides a much more comprehensive style of search.  A full text search allows you to search for individual words that are stored within different entities.  The words must be contained in any of the long text (memo) fields within the entity.  The table below indicates which fields may be included in the search

 Entity type  Field that is searched on
Client Notes
Site Notes
Job Job description
Job Action Action details
Knowledge article Article details

When performing a full text search, you can use a number of different styles of search by typing your search criteria into the text box.  Click for some Full Text Searching examples.

If a match is found, the results will be displayed in a list in the appropriate tab.  Double-click on the item to display the entity.

Full text searching only available when your HelpMaster database has been configured for full text searching.  For further information about this, please refer to Full Text Configuration

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