Job Visibility

Job visibility options exist for clients and sites

When jobs are logged, the Links tab displays all of the clients/staff that are explicitly linked to the job.

Who Visible if…
Staff The job is assigned directly to them
Staff They belong to the skillgroup that the job is assigned to
Staff They belong to an application security role that bypasses Skillgroup visibility, using the Allow full access to all jobs and actions option
Client They are the primary client for the job and the job has not been marked as Private (Staff viewing only)
Client They are linked to the job, and have not been explicitly denied viewing permission
Client They have been granted Site-wide viewing permission, and the job is either linked to a site that they are part of, or the primary client of the job belongs to a site they are part of

Granting / Revoking Job Visibility

There are several ways to control job visibility.

An easy way to prevent a client from viewing a job is to simply unlink them from the job. Use the Links tab on the job, right-click the client and select Remove.

Note It is not possible to remove a client if they are the primary client. Furthermore, remember that if a client has been granted site-wide viewing permissions, they may still be able to see the job, even though they are not linked to it. See below.

Explicitly set the viewing permission

By default, any client that is linked to a job has visibility via the web portal. This visibility status can be changed by right-clicking on a client from the Links tab, and then selecting the appropriate viewing permission.

Revoke Job Visibility for clients

Granting site-wide job viewing permission for the web portal

By default, clients using the web portal can only view jobs where they are the primary client. This is usually the case when they log the job themselves via the web portal. Other clients cannot see their job unless their site has been granted Site-wide viewing permissions.

Any client that is linked to a site via the Links tab can be set to have site-wide job visibility via the web portal, even if they are not directly linked to the job. This feature allows a manager of a site/company to be able to view all jobs that have been logged for their site. This ability is explicitly granted to specific clients.

Site-wide job visibility

In addition to site-wide job visibility, individual clients that are linked to the job can be granted visibility, or denied visibility.

Individual client job visibility

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