Viewing Knowledge Base Articles on the Web Portal

Viewing Knowledge Base Articles on the Web Portal

Searching for knowledge base articles

To search the knowledge base, follow either the link on the side navigation tree or on the home page.  This will display the knowledge base article search page (shown below).

knowledge base home 

Enter in any relevant criteria for the search (for instance, here the word mouse has been entered in as a keyword).  Alternatively, the fields can be left blank to return a list of all knowledge base articles.  Once this has been done, click search.  This will then display a list of results in a grid (for more information on how to use the results grid, see working with results grids). Select view from the left hand hyperlink column.

Viewing knowledge base articles

The page for viewing knowledge base articles is divided up into several sections.  The first section (shown below) has information on 3 tabs (general, properties and attachments) which deal with general information relating to the knowledge base article (such as name, keywords, author, creation and modification dates, and the like.  It also contains any relevant attachments that are added to the knowledge base article available for download (for more information, see working with attachments).

knowledge base article 

The second section of the knowledge base page contains the details of the article, along with any related links to other knowledge base articles.  Again, this information is read only for clients.  There is also a button to the right of the text box with an arrow pointing upwards.  The is to aid visibility and clicking this arrow will open a full screen window for the details box.

Rating knowledge base articles

Knowledge Base articles can be rated and commented on by anyone viewing the article.  Click the “Feedback” button to display the feedback screen.

knowledge base feedback and rating

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