Updating personal details - Clients

Updating personal details - Clients

Updating personal details - Clients

The HelpMaster Web Portal allows clients to update their own details.  This assists administrators in keeping client details up to date in the HelpMaster database.

Note: The details (if any) that are available for update will depend on the options set by the administrator in the web application settings as some or all of the details may be read only

To navigate to the client details page, simply follow the ‘personal details’ link on the side menu of the page, or click ‘view personal details’ on the home page to take you to the personal details screen.

Changing Client Details

The client details screen is divided up into multiple pages (or tabs) to make viewing and editing the client details easier.  The below illustration shows these tabs accross the top (ie, Client Details, Contact Details, Addresses, Personal Details, Workplace Details and Employment).

Changing most individual details is self explanatory.  Most of the fields are either text fields, date fields (which will display a date selector box), drop down boxes or radio buttons.

The details that require special consideration are mentioned below.

The ‘Addresses’ tab

The addresses tab contains entries for a business address, a home address and a third alternative address (other).  In addition, these can be adjusted by an administrator so that more address spaces can be added.  In turn, each of these addresses can be marked as the shipping address, the postal address and the billing address.  Each address type can only be used once (for instance, you can only have one billing address, one shipping address and one postal address).

The above illustration shows the business address set to both the shipping and the billing address.  This also means that either the home address or the other address could be set as the postal address. In HelpMaster there is an option to specify that a client will inherit their address details from a site.  If this option has been selected (this is something that staff will do, rather than clients), then all the information in the address fields will be read only.

Date ranges

Some entries require a range of dates entered.  In this case, it is important to set the start date to a date that is earlier than the end date otherwise the information will not save but generate an error.  These fields include leave details, and contract details start and end dates (shown below). 

Saving the changes

Once you have made the relevant changes to your personal details, click the ‘Update details’ button.  This will commit the changes you have made to the database (note, any changes made before this button has been clicked will be lost if the window is closed).

You should then recieve a success message like the one shown below

You may now return to your personal details, or use the side menu for navigation to the desired page of the Web Module.