Licencing Overview

In order to logon to the web portal, both staff and clients will require a Web Portal licence

In order for each client or staff member +to be able to access the HelpMaster Web Portal, they need to be allocated a Web Licence.

Client Licensing

A “Licensed” client is a client that has been granted a licence to login and use the HelpMaster Web Portal. Granting a web license is done via the Desktop version of HelpMaster. Licenses can be granted individually, or in bulk. Licenses can also be automatically assigned when new clients are created.

Client self-registration

Note: It is possible for a new client to register themselves via the HelpMaster Web Portal and then be able to access the application. This is only possible if the “Allow self-registration” option in the “Web Settings” on the “General” tab is checked, and there are sufficient Client licences available for use. The system will automatically assign them a Client licence when they register.

Staff Web Portal Licensing

Staff web licensing is also performed via the Desktop edition of HelpMaster. Unlike licenses for the Desktop edition that are concurrent, Staff web licenses are named, and explicitly granted and revoked for each staff member. See Staff Web Licensing

Granting / revoking a license for individual clients/staff

To grant client licenses, perform the steps below:

  1. Log into the HelpMaster Desktop edition,
  2. Open the Client screen of the client/staff you wish to grant a web license.

Grant web portal license

  1. Check the appropriate checkbox to grant a license and click apply.

Bulk grant/revoke web licenses (clients only)

This method is for clients only. For staff, see Staff Web Licensing

  1. On the Client search screen perform a search to locate the clients you wish to grant web licenses to
  2. Select the clients you wish to grant/revoke web licenses to and right-click the right mouse button to invoke the context menu

  1. Select either Grant license or Revoke License from the context menu

The top right corner above the client search result should display the available web licenses as they are granted or revoked.

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