Subscription defaults

Subscription defaults

Once you have subscribed to Job and Action Templates, you may nominate these to be applied for different events.  This is done by setting defaults.

To access the default subscriptions screen, from the HM menu open the User Preferences screen and then click on the Default Templates tab.

Please note that before this screen can be used, it is necessary for the user to have already subscribed to some templates.  This is done on the Subscriptions tab.

Setting the default subscriptions is simply a matter of choosing from the drop-down boxes the template that you wish to be your default for the corresponding action.  If you wish to remove a default setting, choose the first option in the drop-down list - this will be the blank entry.

default templates

After clicking on Apply or OK, these settings will be active and the default templates will start working.

Remember that once a template has been applied, you can manually over-write any information, or select another template to change the information.

Default Templates - Job Template

The Job toolbar also contains a drop-down box labeled My Templates that is populated with your job template subscriptions.  If you have nominated one of your subscribed job templates to be the “default”, this will always be used when you click the large Log Job button. You also have the smaller Log new blank job and Last job template used buttons. All Templates and Recent Templates lists are also provided for convenience.

Note: If a “default” job template is set in your user preferences, this template will also be applied by default to any new job logged from any other entity. In the screen shot above, the “Software Bug” job template i[s selected as the default.

Default Templates - Action Template

Similarly, whenever the action screen is displayed for adding a new action, the Template drop-down box is populated with your action template subscriptions. Selected default action templates will also be selected whenever any of the “add action” template icons are clicked from the Explorer screen.

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