Viewing helpdesk history for a client

Viewing helpdesk history for a client

Each time a job is logged, HelpMaster records both the job details and the client. Through this, HelpMaster builds up a ‘Job History’.  Viewing the job history for a client is an important part of providing good customer service.  This feature is especially useful to determine whether a client has any outstanding, or recent, helpdesk, or other issues before logging a new job for them.

HelpMaster makes this powerful task simple.

  1. To view the job history for a client, press F3 to set focus to the Client Search text box on the main toolbar, or simply click in the text box next to the client drop-down box.
  2. Type the details of either the Client ID, the Last Name, or the First name (depending on what is selected from the drop-down box to the left of the text box) and press Enter
  3. The Client list screen will display any clients that match your search criteria. Select the client you wish to query, and click Job History.

From this screen, you can:

  • View the selected job by selecting it and pressing Enter, or by double-clicking it
  • Add an action to the selected helpdesk job by right-clicking a selected helpdesk job
  • Log a new job by clicking Log New Job

The “Links” tab of a client also contains both the present and past job history for a client. 

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