Web Licensing

Staff members require a web license in order to use the Web Portal

The web licensing tab allows system administrators to grant a web license to individual staff members. Only staff members with a web license can log into the Web Portal as a staff member and be able to access their Explorer screen, and have the full job logging experience.

Staff members without a staff web license can still log onto the Web Portal (if they have a client web license), however they will have a similar user experience as a regular client (no explorer, no advanced features on job logging, simple action screen etc.)

Web Portal Licensing


Staff logons to the Web Portal are named licenses. The number of available, used and remaining web licenses are displayed at the top of the screen. As individual staff are granted, or revoked a license, this number will change accordingly.

Licenses can be transferred from one staff to another at any time, however only those with an active license will be able to login and use the Web Portal as a staff member.

Need more licenses?

If you require more licenses, please contact the sales team at PRD Software

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