Defining a profile - Define the email

Defining a profile - Define the email

The Priority Manager can send email to a selection of relevant people for a job.  Use the “Email” tab to define the recipients. The contents of all email that is sent is based upon Email Templates.  These are pre-defined templates that may contain “tags” that are dynamically updated at the point of sending the email.  

Is it better to use an Action Template to send email, or these email settings?

Both have merit and both can be used.

If you intend to send email as part of your Priority Manager profile, you may wish to consider using an Action Template to do this. (Actions to perform tab). Any email information that is defined in the Action Template will be sent. Using an Action Template will have the added benefit of creating an Action Log entry within the job.

An email that is sent from the configuration on this screen will not add an Action log entry to the job. This may be desirable for general purpose notification style emails.

See the “Complete this action template” option described in section 3 above.

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