Defining a profile - Defining the search criteria

Defining a profile - Defining the search criteria

The search criteria is a statement of what the profile is looking for in your HelpMaster database.  The search criteria is created using the HelpMaster Job Finder.  Once all of the search criteria is set using the Job Finder, a plain English description of the search criteria is displayed in the Priority Manager Priority profile.  The raw SQL is also available for advanced searching requirements.

1. Using the Job Finder

Using the Job Finder is the easiest and most convenient way to specify the profile search criteria.  Simply click on the button entitled “Launch Job Finder” to display the Job Finder.  Once all of the desired information is selected using the Job Finder, clicking on the “Return search criteria to Priority Manager” will close the Job Finder and copy the search criteria into the Priority Manager profile.  A plain-English description of the query is displayed for an easy reference as to what the query is looking for.


2. Entering custom SQL

This is an optional/advanced step.

The Job Finder is capable of specifying only certain types of search criteria.  When you have a business need that requires something more, you may wish to manually create the search criteria by entering custom SQL.  It is recommended that a qualified database administrator construct the SQL.  The SQL entered must be syntactically correct and able to run on the Microsoft SQL Server, and specifically against your HelpMaster database.

Custom SQL can be automatically generated from the Job Finder by using the “Custom SQL” tab, and clicking the Generate SQL button.

A vital point to note when constructing custom SQL is that the first and only field that is returned after the SELECT statement must be the unique number of the helpdesk job.  This will always be tblHelpdeskJobs.PKID. 

This means that the first line of any custom SQL statement must be “Select tblHelpdeskJobs.PKID From”

Example SQL

A valid custom SQL statement

  • Select tblHelpdeskJobs.PKID From tblHelpdeskJobs Where StatusLink = 333

An invalid custom SQL statement (returns 2 fields)

  • Select tblHelpdeskJobs.PKID, StatusLink From tblHelpdeskJobs Where StatusLink = 333

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