Name and Category of the Email Manager profile

The name and category of the Email Manager profiles are important for identification and sorting

Profile Name

The first thing to do when creating a new Email Manager Profile is to give it a name.  It is a good idea to name the profile according to some sort of naming convention that will allow easy and intuitive understanding of what it does.

For example:

You may call a profile that creates new jobs something like…

  • Log job - SQL Server errors
  • Log job - Reset password
  • Log job - New employee setup

You may call a profile that updates existing jobs something like…

  • Update job - General client response
  • Update job - OK to close job

Profile Category

The next step is to classify the profile with an appropriate Category code.   This will assist when searching, filtering and updating your Email Manager profiles. Use the drop-down box to select an appropriate code. 

These are administered via the System Codes screen.